Placing high standards at the forefront of room renting.

Hello and welcome to the home for live in landlords. The Lodger Landlords Association is a new and forward-thinking non-for-profit body, designed to provide better safeguards to the often over-exploited room rentals lodgings market. The organisation also is known as the 'LLA', is gearing up for launching after recognising an urgent need for better regulation and protection, for lodgers and live in landlords across the UK.

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Mission Vision

From its inception, the 'LLA' will run with the simple but powerful concept of driving forward regulatory change in order to ensure lodgers are afforded the same level of protection as other areas of the market, with non-compliance being monitored and actively discouraged. As an active membership body, we are committed to continuous improvement and research to keep our members fully compliant and also give a voice to an underrepresented part of the market. We will achieve this through education and lobbying for our members.

Our Mission is to maximise the usage of spare bedrooms across the nation. This will alleviate the burdens surrounding the low amount of affordable housing stock. “Placing high standards at the forefront of room renting”


The LLA has principle aims and core values, which the organisation seeks to make a compulsory part of the lodging marketplace:

  • Lodgers will be afforded the protection of a clear written licence agreement and inventory
  • Deposits will benefit from full regulatory protection within an approved scheme
  • Letting platforms will be subject to some form of recognised regulation to prevent vulnerable parties from being exploited
  • A maintained list of expelled landlords who do not comply with rules and regulations
  • Support and advise for live-in landlords


Insurance cover, ADR and redress solutions, Safety and security countermeasures.


Up to date information and guides and toolkits on rules, regulation best practice code of conduct standards, seminars and webinars in association with partners for everything from tax to evictions.


Know how giving you the essential skills and understanding to create a seamless professional and safe experience.


Add on services to aid in the lodgings journey, LLA template letters, forms and agreements.


Save on services necessary for room renting where personal time is limited or you just want to sit back and let the professionals do the work for you.


All our members by guidance by several means email, chat bots, letter and a dedicated telephone helpline. Landlord community meetings and forums with targeted topics based on needs by a local representative.


Gaining a competitive advantage over those that are not members giving lodgers confidence they will have a Live in landlord that is committed to best practice and high standards. Using the LLA badge which acts as a seal verifying membership Your journey to success through best practice.

Benefits and services

  • Access to bespoke insurance cover
  • Support and lettings advice
  • Redress and adjudication
  • Benefits calculation
  • Concise and up to date legal compliance information
  • Solicitor approved license agreements
  • Viewings assistance
  • Reference checks
  • Inventory support
The Lodger Landlords Association provides essential training for landlords in a rapidly growing tenure. Their support for the sector will help safeguard providers and their tenants
Susy Hershman
Head of Dispute Resolution My Deposits
Jerome and his team have identified the hidden property sector and are working hard to raise standards and security in this area. They are ahead of the game as there is little protection out there at the moment.
Ed Hooker
CEO Hamilton Fraser Group
I have seen too many bad situations arise where landlords and their lodgers do not know what they are doing and I welcome the professionalisation that The Lodger Landlord Association is offering.
Paul Shamplina
Landlord Action
When things go wrong, where do you turn to for help? Joining The Lodger Landlords Association is the ideal way for landlords to understand their obligations, how to deal with complaints and problems and reassuring their lodgers that they provided a quality service
Sean Hooker
CEO Property Redress Schemes
“I fully support the Lodger Landlords Association. In any aspect of renting, consumer education and awareness is absolutely vital to ensure that people have a positive experience of private renting and that their rights are respected. Landlords taking a lodger into their own home, is a very different proposition to landlords who rent out whole dwellings and both parties have to be content with the living arrangements, both in terms of security and expectations of how the property will be lived in.
Vanessa wrwick
Founder Property Tribes
Representatives of the Lodger Landlord Association approached us and explained their vision for improving standards for both landlords and tenants who are involved in lodger tenancies. I was impressed by their knowledge and passion and look forward to both assisting them in making their vision a reality and seeing their Association grow.
Tim Frome
In the work we’ve done so far it hasn’t occurred to us to add in the flat sharing/room renting area, and as Jerome has rightly pointed out it’s huge. I fully support the idea of including it in and like the concept of needing to provide protection for tenants/Lodging as well as landlords.
Lewis Shand Smith
Chief Executive. Ombudsman Services